FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about our Distance Learning Courses:

What does the price include?

Campbell's College study notes sent by post (UK ) plus online access.
Tutor support and marking of the designated assignments/mock exams
Audio lectures and/or video presentations
Contact with other students via subject forums and Facebook Group
Help and advice from the administration department
Copies of past exam papers and examiners reports
Additional resources where applicable (codes/acts/articles etc)

Note: Tutor support is available for a maximum of one year which gives you the option of sitting the exam in June or November. Online access can be extended for a further 6 months but renewal of support will require re-enrolment (at a reduced fee).

When should I enrol? Courses are updated after every set of exams - courses for the June exams are ready mid January and courses for the November exams by mid July. But, you can enrol at any time - there is no set start date. You will work to your own timetable from the date of enrolment until the exam period. If you enrol early, you can start using some of the current material and updated notes will be made available later.

How do I enrol? Either print out the enrolment form and send/fax/email to us or book and pay online Don't worry if you have not yet received your CGIUKI registration number - you can let us know later.

What is Premium Support and Mentoring? This is our new service which provides participants with an extra two hours of personal tuition from their tutor at mutually agreed times during the term. It is not available for all modules yet.

How many subjects should I study at a time? You can enrol for as many modules as you wish, but the Institute will usually only let you sit two exams per sitting.

How soon after I enrol will I receive my first mailing?  You will have online access within one working day. Printed notes are also sent to students based in the UK.

How is the supplementary material accessed?  You will be sent a link to the relevant course supplementary material which can be accessed on our Moodle.

How long does each course last? It's up to you. Courses with tutor support can utilise the support for up to a year.

Do I need to buy any additional textbooks? No - our course notes used in conjunction with the Institute textbooks will provide all you need. If you do want to buy additional books, you will find recommendations on our Book Page.

What happens if I cannot sit my exam? Don't worry - you have up to a year of support with for each course after which you will need to re-enrol ot renew your tutor support.

I live overseas - is this a problem? Absolutely not - Campbell's College provides training to students worldwide. Notes can be downloaded. Our student online forums and groups mean overseas students are not isolated.

How do I contact my tutor and submit my assignments for marking?
On enrolment you will be sent contact details. When you have completed a piece of work, please email it directly to your tutor.

Can I contact other Campbell's College students?
Currently we have student groups on Facebook and Linkedin and subject specific forums on the Moodle.

I am worried about studying accounts by distance learning - can you help? Jim Skinner our finance tutor writes:
I am a firm believer that you can divide the entire population of the world into two categories, numbers people and words people. I am also of the opinion that the words people think that they are no good at accounts. Many students are words people and leave the accounting subjects to last. They have achieved passes in other subjects and then the day arrives when they have to tackle the dreaded accounts.
The Campbell's training course is designed with this in mind. No previous book-keeping knowledge is required, you can work at your own pace, the material is written in plain English showing short cuts and "common sense" solutions to problems. All that is required is a commitment to work as hard as you can and send in papers for marking. I have many years experience of producing material for Campbell's College and I know that hard work and an organised approach to study (with no bad luck) will eventually lead to examination success. Jim

Does Campbell's have a track record of success? Yes - our pass rate statistics show that our students do better than average. Visit our Prizes Page and also have a look at recommendations from past students on the Reviews Page.

What about the other Chartered Governance Institute UK and Ireland qualifications?
We offer courses for:

Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance - this course is the same as for QP Corporate Governance.

Level 4 Certificate in Corporate Governance

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