For November 2021 exams we can only run a limited number of courses some of which are pre-recorded.

Our revision courses are a hybrid - a class in London plus live stream. The price is the same so you can swap from one to the other if necessary.

To help you decide if Campbell's College revision courses are right for you:

Great Anecdotes, I haven't laughed so much in a long time. I enjoyed Alan's enthusiastic teaching style - he is great at prompting interest in difficult subjects.'

Humour and ICSA revision? The above comment taken from one of our feedback forms refers to Alan Campbell’s London Corporate Secretarial Practice revision course and gives an indication of our unique teaching ethos. Some topics can appear a little ‘dry’ on first sight but Alan has a special talent for making subjects interesting by incorporating anecdotes and stories into his courses.

'Convenient location and efficient administration.’

We hold our revision courses at a conference venue on London's South Bank. 15Hatfields has state of the art facilities and is built to the highest environmental specifications. The venue is near Waterloo and Southwark stations.
The venue is fully prepared for social distancing, sanitising and safe individual meals.

'It was a quality course and I enjoyed the two days.'

CAMPBELL'S COLLEGE has long been in the forefront in developing the revision course for the professional student who demands quality training in a matching environment. We provide you with lunch and refreshments so you don’t have to worry about making sandwiches or finding food during the lunch break.

Typical structure of a Campbell’s College revision course is as follows:

• Arrive at 9.45 am ready for a 10 o’clock start, drink coffee on arrival.
• Introduction followed by first lecture session.
• Coffee break - a chance to network with other students
• Second lecture session.
• Lunch break – a chance to refuel and talk to your fellow students. A sandwich and fruit buffet lunch is provided.
• Two afternoon lecture sessions with a tea break mid afternoon (plus cakes)
• Finish 5pm.

Structured notes that focus on the important areas of the syllabus - thorough but concise. I found the analysis of the examiner and what he is looking for to be extremely useful.'

All of our lecturers structure their courses in different ways but in ways that lead to success. Alan, for example, as part of his course, provides short answer revision tests which you fill in as the course progresses. The topics are then expanded upon. You do not need to be frantically scribbling away all day but can concentrate on listening and learning.

I enjoyed meeting other students and exchanging ideas.'

Revision courses provide the ideal opportunity for students who are studying on their own to meet others and to look at the subject with a different approach. Students on our distance learning courses get to meet their tutor with whom they have already built up a relationship by phone and email.

I enjoyed the teaching style for Law and found the real life law experiences made the subject more interesting.'

Our lecturers are experts in their field and have experience in the ‘real world’ as well as in teaching.

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