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MARCH 2019

Lots of changes coming!

Firstly to the ICSA Qualifying Programme syllabus - we will be offering courses for the new syllabus modules starting in July.

Secondly - Alex Campbell will be taking over the enrolling of students from April 2019. He already does all the dispatch and printing so it makes sense for him to process the enrolments as well. Jane's role will focus mostly on the Finance and IT.

Thirdly - we will be migrating the online store to a new platform which I hope will enhance security and will comply with the new two step authentification regulations which come into force later this year.

January 2019

A very happy new year to all!
We are now accepting enrolments for courses leading to the June 2019 exams with tutor support commencing on 28th January.
As always, there is no deadline for enrolment.
Revision dates are also now confirmed.

September 2018

Firstly - remember that the exam entry deadline is 1st October!

June exam results

I am delighted to report that our students won best paper awards for 5 out of the 8 qualifying programme modules. Well done!

The Foundation Programme

Our course was ready to start on time and students are now working their way through the modules. There have been problems with regard to the textbooks - publication was delayed and then there were communication problems between the publisher, distributor and printer. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to chase up orders but hopefully our next consignment of books should arrive this week.

August 2018
June exam results are due to be released on August 7th at 10 am. Fingers crossed for good news!

To help students decide which module to tackle next with a view to an easy transition onto the new scheme (which starts in July 2019 with the first exams in November 2019), please read the following guidelines. If you are still unsure, you should contact ICSA student services.

If you have recently started on the current scheme, the modules you should choose from are as follows:
Corporate Governance,
Corporate Law,
Corporate Secretarial Practice
Strategy in Practice.
These all transition onto the new scheme with no issues.

If you have completed one finance module - you should do the other one next (FRA or FDM). You need to have passed both to be exempt from the new finance module.

The only reason to take Applied Business Law is if you need it to complete the scheme before the changes take place.

If you have completed or are exempt from all modules except the final case study module - our course is ready to start!

June/July 2018
I hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunny weather and having a well deserved break from studying. It's that time of year when we update courses, prepare for the new intake of students and take our own holidays.

We are accepting enrolments for all courses leading to the November 2018 examinations and will start posting the printed notes on or around 16th July. However online access is available now. As always, there is no deadline for enrolment - most students will start courses once the June exam results are released.

Our course for the new Foundation Programme will be taught by Vivien Campbell with Jim Skinner teaching the Finance module. Preparation is well underway - we just await publication of the ICSA textbook.

March 2018
More changes!
I note that the ICSA are now changing the name of the Chartered Secretaries Qualifying Scheme to the ICSA Qualifying Programme.
The programme is no longer open entry and students who do not meet the entry requirements will need to sit the Foundation Programme exam first. This new foundation paper covers 4 subject areas and is designed to prepare students for entry onto the Qualifying Programme. The syllabus is not yet available but we plan to have a course ready to start in July 2018. Pre-course material is available online for those who want to start early.

February 2018
ICSA have now released details of the changes to the Chartered Secretaries Qualifying Scheme which will take place in 2019. Students who are well into the current programme will have no problems transitioning. However, if you have just started on the programme or plan to do so this year, you should take note of the changes and select your modules accordingly. Avoid Applied Business Law and the two Accounting Modules.

For details and transition arrangements, please read the ICSA
transition document.

Students may be concerned about the path they should follow through the current programme in order to transition smoothly and painlessly onto the new format programme, the first exams of which will take place in November 2019.

Campbell's College will have courses for all modules of the new CSQS scheme ready to start in July 2019.
We will also be offering a course for the new Foundation Module from July 2018.

19th January 2018
A very happy new year to all!

We have now updated course notes ready for the June 2018 exams and many keen students have already made a start. The ICSA website indicates that November exam results will be released on 30th January - fingers crossed for good news! We will ready and waiting to give advice and to get you started on your next course of study.

During the Break
As well as updating notes and the Moodle, we usually make the most of the festive season to take a well earned rest. Tutors especially need to escape from the marking for a few weeks and I need to get away from the computer screen! This year, Alan and Vivien have been in the Caribbean and I returned to India - to Kerala this time. On one of our drives through the country villages, I was encouraged to spot a sign outside a little house advertising the services of a qualified Company Secretary.

Nowadays, the work - life balance can become difficult to maintain in our hectic lives, with some employers expecting people to work long hours for little recognition. Here at Campbell's College, we all take time out during the week to devote to other aspects of life - be it family, exercise, study or other hobbies. I think we all achieve more as a result of Alan's enlightened attitude. Much as I want our students to study hard, I also recommend setting aside some qualitiy time to follow other interests!

Changes to the ICSA Chartered Secretaries Qualifying Scheme.
It is now common knowledge that there will be changes in 2019. At time of writing, no further information has been provided to us. Hopefully all will be revealed at the end of January. Whatever the changes, we will be ready with courses and a plan of action.

June 2017 - So you want to be a Chartered Secretary?
Today we received a lovely email from a student who first studied with us in 2001. Tonia has kindly written an account of her journey from secretary to ICSA graduate and 12 years later to Executive Director of Risk Management and member of the Board. Tonia now wants to inspire and motivate those of you who may be struggling to balance family life, career and study.

Want to be a Secretary …. ??
My name is Tonia and this is my story ........................

May 2017
Now that the June exams are rapidly approaching, I thought I would post one of Alan's exam technique tips. The full set can be found in the Campbell's student handbook.


Exams rule throughout our school and college life determining the direction of our future careers. Our collective experience is of pressure, worry and concern because everything is dependent on those examinations. This intense emotion is the background to taking examinations when we are older. It is the wrong background. When you are sitting for professional examinations, you are generally in work and raising families. It has dawned on you that examinations are not the only criteria for a decent living and that getting qualified is part of your life not the reason for existence. Yet when you prepare for that exam all the old emotions return. Change your approach.
Treat the examiner like a difficult client. Your brief is to prepare for a series of questions and prepare a professional response. You do not have to know everything on the subject but you need to know what is appropriate. You will not satisfy every client but you will do your best, neither walking out in tears nor sitting dumb.

Professional exams are only part of your job; approach them professionally

Good Luck everyone!

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