Campbell's College: A brief history

Campbell's College was founded by Alan Campbell in 1991. The first lecture was held in Guernsey in the boardroom of a leading bank. Since then we have expanded and now have students around the world. Initially our courses were developed in conjunction with our first students and we continue to monitor quality and incorporate new ideas into our training methods. Our courses have evolved over the years to incorporate new technology and learning styles to meet the needs of today's busy professional. This is an ongoing process!

In 2017 we first introduced our Moodle for the online course material and in 2018 we added more interactive features and a course for the Foundation Programme. In 2019 we added a course for the new Level 4 Certificate in Corporate Governance. 2020, year of the lockdown saw the introduction of live Zoom lectures and an active Facebook Group for student support and socialising.

Campbell's College has been an accredited tuition provider for CGIUKI training ever since the Registered Tuition Partner scheme was first introduced in 2005. We are now a 'Recommended' tuition partner.

Our classroom based revision weekends for the Qualifying Programme are now held only in London, but for many years our tutors were flying back and forth to the Channel Islands to deliver courses. Our London courses are now firmly established at The Conference Centre, 15 Hatfields in the up and coming area of Southwark, but in the past we have used a number of interesting venues - a hotel, a University Hall of Residence, a Bloomsbury 'Arts and Crafts' conference centre and a Football Club board room. In November 2020 we began live streaming revision from London, making our courses available to a wider audience.

As well as our distance learning training Alan's love of travel has enabled us to run many classes overseas - in Belize, Barbados, Jamaica, Mauritius, Gibraltar, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Luxembourg and Cyprus.

Today, our students are all busy professionals, and as such we have evolved our integrated distance learning courses to provide a flexible approach to studying whilst working and maintaining a social life. The tutors who write the courses also do the marking and are available to discuss the student's work over the phone. In short we have kept the flexibility, but tried to remove the isolation which can accompany distance learning.

Alan passed away in 2021. Since then, Vivien Campbell and Jane Hamilton have taken over directorship and will continue to run the college in a way that maintains Alan's high standards and teaching ethos. We have an excellent and motivated team of tutors to help you succeed.
Campbell's College is your Recommended CGIUKI Tuition Partner with 30 years experience.
Campbell's College Ltd: Address: 47 Rollo Road, Swanley, Kent. BR8 7RD. Tel: +44 (0)1322 665589.  Registered in England & Wales No.2892911