Campbell's College Distance Learning for ICSA Qualifications

Additional Information: how it works:

We offer distance learning courses for all Qualifying Programme modules including the Foundation Programme.

● Our courses are designed to fit into your busy lifestyle, so there is no fixed deadline for enrolment.
● Courses are structured to prepare you for the next available examination (either June or November).
● Currently you can do the QP modules in any order but this may change from July 2019 when the new syllabus commences.

Each course (each module/subject = one course) includes:

Our specially written
Campbell's College study manual which is sent to you by post in four instalments. These study notes will provide you with all the information you need in a condensed and targeted format.

The written material is supplemented by
online recorded lectures. These are accessed via our Moodle where you can also access the course notes and other relevant resources.

Included in every mailing of course notes are a number of
These vary from course to course - some are self mark but others are
exam style questions to be sent to your tutor for marking. The feedback will help you perfect your exam technique!

Campbell's College provides a personal touch to ICSA training - Our training is targeted and direct. The lecturers who write the course also do the marking and are available to discuss the student's work over the phone. We do our best to keep in touch by email to see how the work is progressing, plus we can put students in touch with other students via our Moodle forums and chat rooms.

We have tried to provide the opportunity to maximise learning by doing the following: Reading, Listening, Talking/Communicating and Writing.

Courses for the June exams will be ready to start in January.
Courses for the November exams will be ready to start in July

“I think Campbell's distance learning format is an excellent method; one element that makes it work so well is the mailing of concise notes covering the syllabus. The ICSA text books can be a heavy read from cover to cover, so I've always felt a head start with Campbell's notes covering the areas on which to focus and highlighting the key points in each topic. The revision course then summarises this further still. It's a format that seems to work well for me.”

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