Campbell's College Recommended Books for additional reading

You do not need to purchase any additional books if you are enrolled on one of our distance learning courses. However, there are some books that are mentioned in the course material which you may wish to purchase. The links below take you to Amazon where you can make the purchase.

The latest Bob Garratt book - recommended reading for all students!

For Risk Management (Qualifying Programme part two)

Alan recommends the following - they are not specifically about risk managment but will help you understand the whole issue of risk!

For Corporate Governance
This is one of Alan's favourite Governance books!
Corporate Governance: Principles, Policies and Practices by Bob Tricker, 3rd edition.

For Company Law
In Alan's opinion this is one of the best books on company law ever written. Company Law by N Grier, 4th edition.

For Finance modules
If accounting is new to you, then this dictionary of accounting terminology may help!

For Strategy
A classic!

Fools Gold by Gillian Tett.
How Unrestrained Greed Corrupted a Dream, Shattered Global Markets and Unleashed a Catastrophe
Alan mentions this book in a number of his courses

Daily Drucker - Alan's favourite management guru

Improve your handwriting

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